About Outstanding Cufflink Designs

Recognised internationally for its quality, contemporary style and unique versatile designs, Outstanding Cufflink Designs (OCD) was founded on a passion for inspirational, tactile and exciting sculptural influences and a desire to bring these to the world.

OCD collections are a unique and modern interpretation of cufflink jewellery, using only the highest quality precious metals, gemstones and materials. We embody the quality of character and are proud that our jewellery is worn as a mark of luxurious individuality.

Design Philosophy

Designer, Lee Graham, believes functional form and individuality go together. Every piece of OCD jewellery is designed to be unique, beautiful and make the wearer feel amazing every time they put them on.

The new collections are comprised of the award winning Volute coils, sculpted Lemiscus ribbons, the unique Velocitas, versatile Simply Solids and the special edition iconic Airship. All cufflinks can be made to your requirements, mixing metals, gemstones and different materials making a truly unique combination of creative design and stylish individuality to reflect your individual style.